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Injection Packers


With more than 20 years of manufacturing experience in injection packer, Saking Industry has the capabilities that meet the requirements of large and small customers worldwide.

In order to make injection packer stronger and more durable, Saking Industry uses prime quality raw material to manufacturing products. Moreover, our injection packers are all standard-equipped with high-pressure fittings, so that help your work safer and easier.

Offer top quality injection packers at reasonable price to customers are one of our core tenets. If you are interesting in our products, please do not be hesitating. Contact us soon with through phone call and e-mail, and then we will reply your questions immediately.

Injection Packer Intro - Shanq Chyuu
Model A-8 A-10 A-15
Dimensions A13mm*B80mm*C10mm A13mm*B100mm*C10mm A13mm*B150mm*C10mm
Model A-20 A-30 A-50
Dimensions A13mm*B200mm*C10mm A13mm*B300mm*C10mm A13mm*B500mm*C10mm
Model A-100    
Dimensions A13mm*B1000mm*C10mm    
Model B-8 B-10 B-15
Dimensions A10mm*B80mm*C10mm A10mm*B100mm*C10mm A10mm*B150mm*C10mm
Model B-20 B-30 B-50
Dimensions A10mm*B200mm*C10mm A10mm*B300mm*C10mm A10mm*B500mm*C10mm

*The length of any diameter can be customized